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FloppyPoppyWidy MATTER is a conceptual, multidisciplinary and evolving editorial project.

FPWM is a subjective collection recounting current thinking, by bringing together authors from a wide range of disciplines. Over time, the number of contributions increases, and grows form spreading in many directions. The genre and topic of each text is left up to the invited author. And the choice of their themes and approaches reveals what interests us.

Most importantly, FPWM intends to give a special place to the readers, by allowing them to compile their own book. The connections of ideas are unrestrained and unique, dependent exclusively on the readers’ imagination. As a kind of Zettelkasten, FPWM encourages the readers to enter the process of writing.
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FPWM is a project by Clinamen



We also thank all the authors of FPWM, Mélanie Borès for her work on the database, Ashley Cook for her curatorial help for season D, as well as all the friends who generously helped us during proofreading sessions, layout, launches and events, without whom this project wouldn’t exist.

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FPWM web site is supported by Ernst Göhner Stiftung, the 2019 publication is supported by fonds cantonal d’art contemporain.